Vortex Tower 01

Vortex Tower Elevation Designed in partnership with Pininfarina

Vortex Tower view

Vortex Tower

Vortex Tower master plan

Vortex Tower master plan

Vortex Tower

Vortex Tower Master plan

Icons Coffee Couture

Icons Coffee Couture designed for Elena Weber

Yasmin Tower

Yasmin Tower in Ras Al Khaimah. A 240m high residential and business tower

Dubai Letter project

Dubai Letter Project proposed to Dubai Holding company in Dubai - UAE

Ocean 9

Ocean 9 design for Luc Heymans


Emirates City in Ajman, 74 towers. Designed for Sahara Group & R Holding

Energy Tower

A full tower dedicated to energy production. Solar panels and vertical wind tower in a single structure with hotel, restaurant and conference hall on the top.

Garden City Ethiopia

Garden City Ethiopia

Sea Star Hotel

Underwater hotel & restaurant

Can Cover

Can Cover designed in 2007

Dubai by Sky

I designed a book about Dubai seen by sky in 2005

Alps Hotels

Concept Design for Alps Hotels. (3d image by Bocconi Spain)

Cube Hotel & Student room

Cube Hotel for affordable hotel rooms and sutends accomodation.

Floating Infrastructure

Full range design for Floating infrastructure


Indoor Art Decoration, Maya Statue with RAK Stone and JC Novaro vase

Outdoor luxury lighting

Outdoor decoration, Luxury lamps in stone and glass

Photoluminescent Snowshoes

Photoluminescent snowshows for Morpho JMM Group in France

Smart Choice Hotels

Smart Choice Hotels design for affordable price

Cute Hotel

Affordable rooms of 8 sqm, cute hotel is opening a new line in hospitality

Lingerie Shop

Walid Atallah Lingerie Shop

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Garden City Ethiopia

Garden City Ethiopia

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