Amedee Santalo Concept Designer

Amedee Santalo Speaket at Big5
Amedee Santalo Speaket at Big5

Amedee Santalo Speaket at Big5 Construction East Africa.

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Amedee Santalo Speaker
Amedee Santalo Speaker

Amédée Santalo VIP Speaker at African Hotelier Summit 2017 in Mazagan Hotel in El Jadida Morocco

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Amedee Santalo & Andry Rajoelina
Amedee Santalo & Andry Rajoelina

Meeting the President Andry Rajoelina in Dakar

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Amedee Santalo Speaket at Big5
Amedee Santalo Speaket at Big5

Amedee Santalo Speaket at Big5 Construction East Africa.

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LATEST NEWS - 04 th of April  2019

Meeting with the President of Madagascar HE Andry Rajoelina in Dakar. We discussed the new city Tana Masoandro and different possibilities of collaboration.
A very dynamic President who deserves his nickname TGV. 

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LATEST NEWS - 8th of November 2018 - BIG5 Construction East Africa

Amédée Santalo gave a conference about development and iconic projects such as Vortex Tower. Please click on the logo to download the presentation in PDF format.
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LATEST NEWS - 16 of May 2018

We have the pleasure to introduce to the market our masterpice VORTEX TOWER design for Africa
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Vortex Tower

LATEST NEWS - 13th of April 2018

Amédée Santalo invited as VIP Speaker at BIG5 North Africa in Casablanca Morocco to give a conference on development - The 7 Pillars of Development .  Cliquez sur le logo PDF pour télécharger le fichier >>

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LATEST NEWS - 22th of October 2017

Amédée Santalo  has launche his new Coaching website to share his 25 years of experience around the world with top-notch entrepreneurs and diplomates (Presidents & Ministeres) who wants to acheive their goals. Start today a new life !

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LATEST NEWS - 06th of October 2017

Amédée Santalo  has been invited as VIP Speaker at the Africa Hotelier Summit 2017 in El Jadida Morocco. The even took place at the Mazagan Hotel & Resort, a wonderful place for a great event. 

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LATEST NEWS - 31th of May 2017


Amédée Santalo  has been invited to the Africa Construction Summit 2017 in Munich to talk about Smart Cities Concept developed with H.E. Sheikh Tarek M. Binladen.

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LATEST NEWS - 8th of December 2016


Amédée Santalo  is a partner in a new company based in Tanzania. East Africa Smart Development company LTD is working on a vision and planification for Africa's future. 

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LATEST NEWS - 29 of November 2016


Amédée Santalo lance sa Web TV le premier Janvier 2017.
Launch of Amedee's WebTV on January 1st 2017.

Le sujet sera : Société & Développement
The subject will be "Society & Development
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LATEST NEWS - 10 of June 2016


Amédée Santalo, Advisor to H.E. Sheikh Tarek M. Binladen,  is currently working on a vision for Tanzania according to H.E. Sheikh Tarek M. Binladen's instruction and vision.
The targeted cities to start phase one are : Arusha / Dar Es Salaam  / Dodoma / Mwanza
We expect to start our activity during this year 2016 or early 2017
For more information, please come back to our website or visit our Facebook page

LATEST NEWS - 25 of April 2016


Amédée Santalo is working on a project / vision to put Arusha, a city in Tanzania, as the cleanest city in the world by 2020. Arusha is "green" oriented, MED LLC will support that vision through eco-friendly projects in various sectors.

LATEST NEWS - 07 of February 2016


Amédée Santalo has introduced the Luminescent pigment to Morpho company, the French specialist for Snowshoes to create "Glow in the dark" Snowshoes range. It is a great success worldwide. 
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LATEST NEWS - 15 of May 2015

Exclusive interview of the developer Sheikh Tarek M. Binladen to clarify the situation about Al Noor Tower proposed in Morocco.

Challenge MAgazine N° 512 - 15th to 21th of May 2015    
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Meeting with H.E. Andry Rajoelina President of the Republic of Madagascar in April 2019 in Dakar - Senegal

A concept by A. SANTALO

African Hotelier Summit 2017

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AL NOOR TOWER is part of Al NOOR City project owned by Middle East Development, a Dubai based company.
Al Noor project is a vision from Sheikh Tarek M. Binladen, Chairman of M.E.D.
The objective of Al Noor project is to create new kind of cities for a moden socity serving the interest of Humans by creating prosperity and employment.

The concept of the tower has been done by Amedee Santalo following the vision of Sheikh Tarek M. Binladen.
The architect of the tower is Denis Valode from Paris (Valode & Pistre).


For more information :


Middle East Development :


Al Noor City presentation :

16 of December 2014
Interview about Al Noor Tower Morocco project on Atlantic Radio in Morocco

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