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Garden City Label

Garden City is a label that we give to any city which will apply the necessary changes to fullfill our specifications. We can also design new master plan based on Garden City specifications. The benefits of getting Garden City label are many, from increasing the quality of living of its residents it will also increasing tourism and employment. Contact us if you have an interest in building new cities or to apply our concept in your city or part of it. Debre Zeit / Bishoftu in Ethiopia was the first city to apply for our label. Bahar Dar, around the Lake Tana, is the second one. Thanks to the Ethiopian team for their acheivement especially to M. Tadiwos G. Belete and the Mayor of Debre Zeit.

The partners of Garden City Concept are :

:: Tadiwos G. Belete (Head of the project)
:: Amédée Santalo (Concept & Design)
:: Alain Berp architecte (Vence - Fance)

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